It’s called ‘The Southern Catalyst’- because it’s the southern part of Downtown Loveland, and it will be a catalyst to driving the economy of not only Downtown, but Loveland in general. The city has been working on this for more than a few years, and they’ve recently all but signed up a new development partner!

Will this be the step that actually gets the catalyst- catalyzing?

The area known as ‘The Southern Catalyst’ in Loveland is the area between 1st and 3rd Streets and the area between Lincoln and Cleveland Streets. The city has been prepping the area for something big, for a while; by buying up properties and building up the public’s hope of prosperity.

The last we heard, was the city had to drop the developer that they had had for well over a year (that was in August of 2015); and then in October, the city did not reached a deal with Larimer County on the county putting a new building in Downtown. There's a whole lot of nothing happening down at 'The Catalyst', to say the least.

However, it looks like the city has now reached a new deal with a new developer- Brinkman Partners out of Fort Collins.  Brinkman has done some really nice projects in the Fort Collins area including Old Town Flats and the Max Flats, as well as Gallery Flats in Downtown Loveland.  While they’re not saying a whole lot about what exactly they’re going to do, they are excited about the long-term vision for Downtown Loveland, so that’s great.

 From BizWest:

“We are looking at employment drivers, in terms of the office and commercial areas,” [Jay Hardy, Brinkman VP of Development] said. “This is such a large impact on downtown that we are looking through a 50-year lens. We want it to be timeless and honor the great history of downtown Loveland.”

The project will be roughly 300,000 to 400,000 square feet in its scope, and will most likely include a parking garage; scuttlebutt has also returned about a new movie theater coming in, too- that would be cool!

As it stands now, when The Southern Catalyst is completed, you will find one corner of the project NOT redeveloped. The city still hasn’t reached a deal with the owner of the building at 3rd and Cleveland (most notable for where Crow Hop Brewing is.)

Let’s do this, Loveland! Let’s catalyst!

[Source: BizWest]