I watch the sun bring light to Main Street in Windsor just about every weekday morning.

Living in Fort Collins and working in Windsor, I feel like I live a bit of an idyllic existence. My home is a bohemian refuge, a mix of hippies and ranchers, bicycles and pickup trucks, paddlers and motor boaters.

Windsor, where I work, is like Pleasantville. In a good way, in my opinion.

Main Street in Windsor is a great spot. I can feel the safety of it. The slow pace is only interrupted by the occasional runner in the mornings, or by kids riding their bikes and skateboards to school.

The small downtown area has all the western charm that we love in Colorado, but few choices to eat. Yes, there are  couple of restaurants, but not like the amount of choices that downtown Fort Collins offers.

Chimney Park went in years ago, and a new pub could end up right on top of it.

According to the Coloradoan, P and L plan to place a pub in the 2nd story of the building that currently houses Chimney Park.

The new eatery will be more casual than the fine dining atmosphere of Chimney Park, and the hope is that it will make Downtown Windsor more of a destination for people who live outside the town. I'm sure it will also do a great job serving the people who already live and work here, like me.

Source - The Coloradoan