The Laramie community was shaken when we lost one of our own. Capt. Bruce Hays was killed in action on Sept. 17, 2008. Before he left for war, he bought a 1959 Chevrolet Apache pickup truck for his wife, and promised to restore it. He had every intention of restoring the truck himself, but soon found out he was to be deployed. Keeping it a secret from his wife, Bruce paid $17,000 to have the vehicle completed upon his return. His family and friends later found out that the man Bruce hired to restore the pickup did not complete the work on the vehicle and had left the area. By the time law enforcement caught up with the man, he had already spent all of the money and left the truck in several pieces. But to once again show the strength of the Laramie community, friends have now vowed to finish the truck for Bruce.

9News also did a great piece on Capt. Hays on Febuary 24th. Go to to see it.

Donations being collected now; fundraising auction to be held in Laramie on April 2. For more information: Or to donate auction items, e-mail Stacy Morton, founder of Friends of the 133rd, at