First, we legalized marijuana. Then the shops began to open. Then Chris Christie dogs on our state: “Who’d want to live there; with head shops opening up on every corner.” We laugh it all off. Then…..

Bruce Wilson, 7News

Earlier this week New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie, in an effort to say that the taxes generated by legalized pot sales aren't worth it, took a shot at Colorado having “head shops on every corner.” Sure, we've seen a bunch of these places open up. It’s legal. We laugh it off. We’re pioneers. One of the first states to legalize pot. We sense that, and we've got to stand up for ourselves!

But, then there’s the story of fourth graders in Greeley dealing marijuana. Come on, what?! Fourth graders! While the police and grown-ups deal with THAT, in a Denver neighborhood the other afternoon, upwards of 25 explosions went off because of pot. Explosions caused from marijuana growers trying to illegally boost the power of legal dope.

From ABC 7News:

                  "Fire department spokesman Mark Watson said people were using butane to                      extract THC from marijuana at the time."

Extracting THC from marijuana makes hash oil. The process that creates that oil is very flammable. Hence, at least 24 explosions at this [lab]. The operators of the building claim that it’s a legal marijuana growing facility. Extracting THC is illegal in Colorado and many other states.

Maybe we jumped the gun a little. It sounded great: “We’ll be able to smoke pot, legally! We’ll make needed tax dollars! Yippie, Hippie!”

I’m sure we’ll get through these ‘growing’ pains, but in the meantime, maybe Big Chris is right.