We've all seen the movies, where the male strippers show up at the party dressed as a cop, well this isn't a movie, and some wild ladies mistook a real police officer for that nights entertainment. According to AOL.com, officer Mike Ober was on patrol, when he noticed a door propped open, and decided to investigate. When he entered the building, a group of women, who were attending a 50-year-old's birthday party, mistook Ober as the exotic dancer they ordered, and proceeded to go "wild with excitement."

Ober, said he was "flattered by the women's reaction," however he got out of there as fast as he could... passing the real stripper on his way out. So how did this story get out? Well, Ober confided in another officer, thinking his "adventure" would remain private. He was wrong. After making it's way through the grapevine, the story eventually made it to social media, then the world.