There is much to be done on Prospect Road.

Much like a rutted out College Avenue that is in the process of being replaced, Prospect will be a whole new animal by 2018.

College Avenue is still being worked on, and should be all new from Old Town to Harmony by July of this year.

But the fun for Prospect is just starting. If you drive it, you know the issues. It's just old, man. The intersections are beat up. The ruts are deep. The railroad crossings are really bumpy.

This is not fitting for a street that borders the beautiful CSU campus.

So, old will be made new, but it won't be without slowdowns, detours and a traffic jam or two.

The Timberline/Prospect intersection is getting the same treatment right now that Timberline and Horsetooth received in 2015. Various closures and slowdowns are expected there over the next few months, but should be done by this summer.

Then, the construction will hopscotch to various other problem areas until it reaches the mother of all improvements with this project...the Prospect/College intersection.

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