According to, February 28 is the perfect time of the year for a 'Public Sleeping Day,' because who doesn't want to be woken up by security and escorted off the premises? 

But, we've all been there. By 'there' I mean that day that you skipped out on the coffee and end up perusin' for a snoozin' (that was good, I totally just thought of that...), but you also happen to be in the middle of campus, at the grocery store or on public transportation. At least we have one day a year that we can blame our public napping problem on good old holiday spirit.

In case you want to know where in town you can go to discretely, and comfortably catch some 'Zzz's, I've got you all but tucked in here...Not because I've tried these places out.

  • The New Cinemark Bistro

  • A Local Radio Studio

    They are also dark. Very, very dark.

    Hemera Technologies/ThinkStock
  • An Economics Class at CSU

    I got sleepy just typing the word 'economicszzzzzzzzz.'

    Diego Cervo/ThinkStock
  • Not Work

  • A Display Bed at Bed Bath and Beyond

    Conveniently located all along the Front Range. Just  be sure to have some manners and make up the bed before you leave.

    Kevork Djansezian /Getty Images
  • The Big Corner Booth at the Alley Cat

    You know the one. It's as big as my bed, and just as comfortable.

    Jupiter Images/ThinkStock
  • Hollister

    Is there still one at the Foothills mall? Talk about a dark place to grab some shut-eye. Also the noxious cologne fumes will likely sedate you before you even find a place to set up camp.

    Jason Merritt/Getty Images