Some people are difficult to shop for - but not radio personalities. They know EXACTLY what they want Santa to put under their tree this year.

Your favorite DJs from K99, 94.3 The X, 99.9 The Point, and TRI 102.5 tell us what they want for Christmas below!

  • 1

    Brian Gary

    A kickass Hot Wheels set to play with the grandkids.

    Brian Gary/TSM
  • 2

    Todd Harding

    An iPhone 6s.

    Todd Harding/TSM
  • 3

    Susan Moore

    30 juniper trees to edge the east side of my pasture.

    Susan Moore/TSM
  • 4

    Mollie Kendrick

    A car payment, puppy kisses, and a boyfriend. Help a girl out, Santa?

    Mollie Kendrick/TSM
  • 5

    Matt Sparx

    Pioneer AppRadio, a sugar glider, camera flash, and XBox One.

    Matt Sparx/TSM
  • 6

    Shelby Taylor-Thorne

    A nice man.

    Shelby Taylor-Thorne/TSM
  • 7


    A Medevil Madness pinball machine!

  • 8


    A Dodge Challenger or Tesla X, and a PS4.

    Drew Cuthbertson/TSM
  • 9

    Alana Lynn

    Unicorn coffee mug, "Unicorns are Drunk" coloring book, and the Kate Spade tequila bag.

    Alana Lynn/TSM
  • 10

    Paul Wozniak

    VW Syncro, flat top grill, and more counter space in the kitchen.

    Paul Wozniak/TSM
  • 11

    Dave Jensen

    Dinner/cocktails with the cast of Mad Men - right before we all go see Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden.

    Dave Jensen/TSM
  • 12

    Justin Tyler

    Disneyworld - ALL of it; turkey legs, animals, and everything that encapsulates Disneyworld. (Particularly Animal Kingdom.)

    Justin Tyler/TSM
  • 13

    Sue Sutton

    A guitar and a beach bar in Belize.

    Sue Sutton/TSM
  • 14

    Gailen Sprague

    My own Lear jet!

    Gailen Sprague/TSM