Who knew that serious music could be created from buzzing together power tools, banging on buckets and trash cans, and hammering on hubcaps? The band members of Recycled Percussion, that's who.

Appearing live at the Lincoln Center for one night only, Recycled Percussion will be putting on a show unlike any other. The high-energy band once appeared on "America's Got Talent," finishing in third place, and from there, became a national phenomenon, headlining their own show in Las Vegas. Based on their extraordinary talents and unique performance style, it's no wonder that the group was voted "National Act of the Year," not once, but a record-breaking six times. All of Recycled Percussion's performances are extremely interactive, passing out drum sticks to the crowd, and sometimes even inviting audience members to join in on the crazy antics happening up on stage.

Recycled Percussion pioneered the musical genre known as "junk rock," based on their remarkable ability to create songs by mixing together sounds from everyday items that you'd typically find in your garage or on the street. From ladders to buckets, and even themselves, the members of Recycled Percussion are able to make instruments and generate music from pretty much anything they can bang their drum sticks on. Combine that with colorful bright lights, a little comedy and some jaw-dropping stunts, and you have yourself one unmatched and unforgettable show!

The performance is at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, October 11 at the Lincoln Center. Tickets start at $32 and can be purchased online, by calling 970-221-6730, or by visiting the Box Office at 417 West Magnolia in Fort Collins.