Have you ever taken a road trip to drive all the way through Rocky Mountain National Park? If you have you know how beautiful it is, if you haven't do it soon. Rates are going up.

As the Coloradoan reported, it is sad news but as with most things, as times changes, so do prices.

Starting on October 1st entry fee at Rocky Mountain National Park will increase along with the annual pass cost. The park will also start a new single-day pass.

So what does the increase look like? Here is the breakdown:

  • A new "Day Use Pass" will cost $20
  • A seven-day pass pass will cost $30
  • A Rocky Mountain National Park annual pass will cost $50

Also you should know that in 2016, campground fees will also increase to $26 a night.

You can also take advantage of free entrance to park on September 26th and November 11th.