Anytime a large-scale event happens in a host city, that city is energized and busy for weeks leading up to the event. The last few weeks the San Francisco Bay Area has been energized in preparation for Super Bowl 50. The magnitude of the the Super Bowl creates need for lots of security, especially since one of the recent Paris Attack's took place at a large soccer match. There are over 50 agencies working around Super Bowl 50 to keep the 75,000 fans that will attend and the area around it, super secure.

CBSNEWS.COM reports:

We're here enforcing the temporary flight restrictions," said John Priddy of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. "We have the capability that we can put eyes on anyone within the 30 nautical-mile radius in a pretty short amount of time."

Their video cameras are powerful enough to clearly see the faces of anyone in the vicinity of Levi's stadium. The Bay Area is already home to a state-of-the-art surveillance infrastructure, with license plate readers and controversial cell phone trackers that could let police monitor your phone.

Since the Super Bowl is happening in the heart of Silicon Valley, some agencies are trying out new technologies, including a data collection program that gives law enforcement a more complete picture of what's happening all over the Bay Area by integrating video feeds with agency cell phone and radio communications.

Outside Levi's stadium, Customs and Border Protection agencies screen all cargo going into the venue with giant X-ray machines that can detect radioactive material.