In most parts of the country at this time of year, those enjoying outdoor recreation choose to bundle up in jackets thick and thin. But not Ethan the Shirtless Wonder.

Sunday evening, a television reporter for Chicago's WGN-TV spotted Ethan Renoe jogging in the rain without a shirt - only shorts. And as it turns out - ladies, pay attention - Renoe is single!

"Too wet to wear a shirt, ya know?" Renoe says cheerfully in the rain, also taking full advantage of his airtime to let Chicago know that he's single.

"We're asking the ladies of Chicago to give WGN a call," the reporter said.

WGN-TV posted the video to their Facebook page, and it has since racked up over 2.6 million views.

Renoe was tracked down for a follow-up interview in which he explained he's a proud Christian who "doesn't really pay that much attention to 'that stuff.'"

Watch "Ethan the Shirtless Wonder" Renoe's original and follow-up interviews below.