What's going on?

Greeley StarTek Shutting Down
By Halloween, about 200 people will be out of work at StarTek in Greeley. Though, they will be able to apply at the other locations, including two in Colorado.
Giant Straw in Longmont
A giant straw in Longmont? I had to go see for myself. Would it be a commentary on how we're doing away with plastic straws, or maybe a very big margarita?
Shop and Cook with a Chef in Loveland
The Farmers Market at Fairground Park is hosting this event- Not only will you have a chef help you pick out the right food, but you'll cook with her too!
CSU Rams Fan Fest at Scheels August 13
The CSU Rams football season gets underway August 25, but celebrating the fun of being a fan comes up August 13 with games, pictures, and Coach Bobo!