Many of us are used to having elk come up to us while driving through Estes Park, likely because the animals are used to friendly humans sneaking them treats and love. But having stoned, hallucinating coyotes terrorize drivers is a first.

Experts believe coyotes in Northern California may have ingested psychoactive mushrooms that grow wild in the area, causing the coyotes to walk right up to motorists' cars on Highway 1 in Bolinas before running off.

Rabies has been ruled out, the Pacific Sun reports, because the incidents have occurred over a period of weeks, and the disease would have killed the coyotes by now.

The coyotes could also be hoping for more food that people have been feeding them, if not eating the fly agaric mushrooms, which grow throughout temperate and boreal regions of the Northern Hemisphere, including higher elevations or warmer latitudes like the Mediterranean and Central America.

As a reminder, people should never feed wild animals, as they could become accustomed to humans and grow more aggressive. In such cases, animals may have to be killed.