What is art? Many people at an art gallery mistakenly thought an assault, resulting in a stabbing, was a piece of performance art. According to the Miami Herald, a woman pulled out an X-Acto knife and stabbed another woman whom she had been having an argument with. This happened during the Art Basel, at the Miami Beach Convention Center on Friday night (December, 4, 2015).

The two women were patrons, and the woman is suffering non life-threatening injuries, after being stabbed in the arms and neck, while people just stood around and watched. You would think that some of the bystanders would have stepped in to prevent the assault. However, many of the other patrons stated that they thought the incident was a "performance art presentation." This included the blood, emergency personnel, the police tape and even the woman being carted off to the emergency room. One of the witnesses was quoted saying, “A guy walked up to me and said, ‘I thought I saw a performance, and I thought it was fake blood, but it was real blood.'” Another stated she, "She heard a scream and ran over and saw a young woman lying on the floor bleeding from her neck."