A group of innovative students thought they could get school canceled using social media. According to Babble.com, a group of Tennessee students thought they could trick the local news into announcing a snow day for their school district. They assumed that there's no way "old people" could understand social media. So the students created a fake Twitter account, and sent direct messages to the local news stations, posing as a school administrator. The original message stated, "This is [the name of a Hamilton County school administrator] with the Hamilton County Department of Education, please inform students of no school tomorrow."

The local ABC news didn't fall for it, messaging back, "ha ha … nice try. You obviously don’t know the password.” They then went on to live Tweet what was going on.

I'm loving the creativity and the ingenuity of these students. Apparently they were rewarded with a day off anyway. It did end up snowing enough, that "real" school officials ended up canceling school that day.