As fall semesters are gearing up everywhere and college campuses are filled with new students getting back into the swing of things, it's no surprise that co-eds are using the popular dating app, Tinder, to meet other singles in their area. It just so happens, that  according to this app, Colorado has some pretty good looking girls and guys, too.

When one is using Tinder, they browse through pictures of local singles on their phone, choosing to swipe right on a person's profile that they are interested in further talking to, hoping to get a mutual swipe back, in turn, forming a match and hopefully a relationship– a left swipe clearly indicates having opposite thoughts. Results are filtered by age and proximity. This new way of dating offers a casual experience for all involved and creates an easy way to communicate and get comfortable with each other, prior to actually meeting in person.

Now, Tinder has done a little browsing for themselves, in order to find out which college campuses around the country are receiving the most right swipes.

Apparently, Colorado has some very attractive girls living in the state, as both Colorado State University and The University of Colorado Boulder ranked in the Top 10 "Most Right-Swiped"  U.S. College Campuses. The ladies of CU who use the app, ranging  in ages from 18-23 years old, came in at #4 on the list, while the same breakdown of female students at CSU came in ranking at #6.

We can't forget about all of the good looking guys we have living here either, as the men of the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs came in ranking as the 5th most right-swiped in the Top 50 list of campuses. The men at CSU came in at #44, and those at CU's campus ranked #47th.

The campus coming in first for having the most ladies that guys want to get to know more of is Florida State University, and for the men, Georgetown University in Washington D.C. seems to be filled with a nice selection of eye candy for the girls to choose from.

Credit: Tinder Blog

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