Dry Dog Food Recall Due to Mold
There have been so many recalls of human food lately, this one is for our dog friends. Blue Buffalo has recalled a batch of dry food.
Have You Seen This Golden Retriever?
Have you seen this golden retriever? Her name is Emma and she was last seen near the Fort Collins-Loveland airport.
If you have seen Emma, please contact Karsynn Nielsen via Facebook or call the Larimer County Humane Society at 970-226-3647...
Keep Your Pets Safe This Halloween
Ringing doorbells, weird-looking humans, FOOD...Halloween can be an exciting time for pets, and it's important to keep them safe with all that excitement going on.
Here are some tips to keep your pets safe on October 31!
Puppy Trapped Under Car Bumper During 2-Hour Drive
A one-year-old dog has survived after being trapped under a car bumper during a 125 mile drive.
The puppy wasn't discovered by the man who hit him until 2 hours after the incident - which he says he didn't realize what had happened. Immediately upon finding the trapped puppy in the town of …

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