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38 Years Ago: John Lennon’s Deportation Order Reversed
On Oct. 7, 1975,  New York State Supreme Court judge Irving Kaufman reversed a deportation order for John Lennon, allowing him to legally remain in the United States. Lennon was in the spotlight throughout the first few years of the decade, not only due to his music and his status as a former Beatle…
John Lennon’s Killer Would Prefer to Stay in Prison
Last week, Mark David Chapman was denied parole for a seventh straight time since serving the minimum of his 20 year to life sentence for shooting Beatle John Lennon. That seems to be what he wants. The convicted killer says that if were granted parole he would “probably stay right where I&rsq…
John Lennon’s Tooth Slated for Auction
Beatles fans often clamor to get their hands on just about anything related to the Fab Four, but this is one piece of memorabilia that may give pause to even the most rabid collector: a tooth, purportedly pulled from the mouth of John Lennon.
Lennon’s Final Interview
Thirty years ago on December 5, 1980, three days before he was murdered John Lennon gave his final interview. Jonathan Cott from Rolling Stone sat down with Lennon and interviewed him for 9 hours.