Second Town in Weld County to Have Recreational Dispensaries
Currently only one community in all of Weld county allows the sale of recreational marijuana. That will soon change as the town of Milliken has approved up to two retail marijuana dispensaries.
In a board meeting last with in the town of Milliken, there was enough support from board members to move f…
Colorado’s First Drive-Thru Dispensary Will Open on 4/20
Back in Feburary, the news broke about Colorado having its first drive-thru dispensary located in Parachute. Tomorrow will be the big day for the first dispensary of its kind in Colorado as it will open on 4/20. The date dubbed as the "stoner's holiday" is synonymous with…
New Law Could Decrease Marijuana Plant Limits in Colorado Homes
If you are growing some Sour Diesel or Granddaddy Purple in your home, you might want to be aware that the marijuana plant limit could be decreasing soon in Colorado.
The Colorado House gave its approval on Friday (March 10th, 2017) to limit marijuana patients plant from 99 to only 16 in their home..…

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