An ironic situation occurred on December 3 in St. Louis, as a 19-year-old was arrested after first crashing his car, and then trespassing into a secure area at the Budweiser Brewery after hours. His name? Bud Weisser.

After locating Bud Weisser on Budweiser brewery grounds, security guards asked him to leave. He did not comply, and after a brief altercation, police were then called to the scene. Weisser was taken into custody and was issued a summons for both trespassing in the first degree and resisting arrest.

This is not Weisser's first run-in with the law, as he was also arrested back in 2014 for trespassing, burglarizing a convenience store and fleeing from the scene. Originally ordered to five years in prison for this prior incident, his sentence was instead suspended. In October, Weisser posted his mug shot from his arrest as his profile picture on Facebook.

As they say, what's in a name?