A nice dinner, a great vacation, the kids’ college educations, a couple of fantastic cars. Those would be the immediate things you would buy after winning the Powerball Jackpot of $1.5 billion. After a while though, you’d get bored and start looking for those ‘oddball’ items that only a billionaire could afford.

They say art is a good investment, so let me ask-

Why not look into how many of those ‘Equinox’ horses you could purchase?

I got to thinking about things in Loveland that folks might want to buy after winning the huge Powerball jackpot, and bam! It hit me-- ART! The Equinox sculpture!

OK, not many people even LIKE the Equinox; but you have to admit, many people do know about it. We did a story on what the sculpture is all about (above)- it is pretty neat (from an informational standpoint.) So, you could see SOMEONE wanting to purchase more of the ‘three horses at the interstate.’

How much would that run you?  Well the sculpture cost $225,000. That means you could buy over 6,666,000 of them! Actually, the amount is 6666,6667 of them (kind of like pie, right?) With that many Equinoxes (Equinoxi?), you could line all of Highway 34 ,going from the interstate up to Estes Park with Equinox sculptures!

Maybe you’d just like to have ONE of the three horses. We’ll call that one horse ‘Jack’ for this purpose. Take $225,000 and divide that by three, and you get $75,000.  $1.5 billion divided by $75,000 gets you a nice even 20,000 ‘Jacks!’  You could line up a ‘Jack’ every mile from coast to coast – TEN TIMES! That’s a lot of ‘Jack’, yo!

Just some food for thought—it’s your jackpot, do what you want. But art IS a good investment…