As the Denver Broncos get ready to beat the Carolina Panthers on Sunday (you have to stay positive), I thought it be neat to see what other words you could spell using the letters in Peyton Manning’s name!

There’s a lot of information out there about Super Bowl 50, but I don’t think I’ve see anything about anagrams and Peyton Manning. So, I went to the site- (not to be confused with Andy to see what they could come up with.

Though they can spit out a lot of anagrams for ‘Peyton Manning’ – they aren’t all gems. ‘Pyning Nonmeat’ for example, just kind of stinks. But they did have four that I thought are pretty good:

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    Pinny Magneton

    It sounds like a female transformer, right?  “Look out, here comes Pinny Magneton, and she’s looking for date for Valentine’s Day!”

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    Panty Mignonne

    Again, another female name. “Delicate lady, that Panty”

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    Minny Pentagon

    This one sounds like a spy.  ‘We’ll get Minny Pentagon on the case. She’ll have the bad guy within days.”

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  • 1

    Nonpayment Gin

    I see this and think: ‘Free Gin’ , making it number one! There’s never anything wrong with some free booze- especially when it’s because the Broncos have won the Super Bowl!

    Justin Edmonds