The holiday season is upon us and everyone is setting their budgets with how much they can spend. But do you know which Northern Colorado city spends the most per average shopper?

According to the Denver Business Journal, shoppers from Loveland will spend more on average than any other Northern Colorado city. The average holiday budget for residents of the city is $809. This ranks Loveland number nine in the entire state of Colorado, while placing it at number 284 nationally.

Greeley shoppers aren't that far behind, sitting at number ten in Colorado and 324 nationally. On average, shoppers from Greeley have a budget set at $770.00.

Fort Collins residents have one of the lowest holiday budgets out of any Colorado city. On average, Fort Collins shoppers will spend $533 in 2015. This puts the city at number 14 in Colorado and 477 nationally.

The report, which was put together by Wallethub, used the following criteria in putting together the list:

  • Income.
  • Average age of residents.
  • Debt-to-income ratio.
  • Monthly income-to-monthly expenses ratio.
  • Savings-to-monthly expenses ration.

Nationally, the average person will spend $806 this season which is up from $802 in 2015.