You’ve probably bought something off of Amazon within the last year. More likely, within the last week. They do a ton of business across the world/nation/Colorado every day.

Soon, Colorado will be joining the list of states that will be having sales tax added to your order.


Books, movies, MP3s, furniture… the list goes on. There is a ton off stuff you can get online at  With every purchase though, there is a sales tax. For years, Amazon has left it up to the buyer to keep track of all of their purchases throughout the year to submit to the government at tax time.

Yeah, right.

Turns out, Colorado lost almost $173 million in 2012 by people not reporting (or paying) sales taxes on purchases made to e-retailers who weren’t collecting the sales tax. They call that ‘Tax Leakage’ – no leakage is good, in any book, and $173 million is a lot of cash that can be used for things Colorado needs like highways, bridges, schools, etc.

Beginning February 1, Amazon will be adding on the 2.9% Colorado sales tax on items.  At that time, Colorado will be only the 28th state doing so. Seems odd, that there at so many states not collecting the tax, doesn’t it?

Will this affect your Amazon buying habits? For me, it’s probably not going to; because Amazon has so much – even used—that I need, It’s worth the sales tax to get what I need/want.

[Source: Denver 7]