Have you ever bought something off of Craigslist? Did you realize there is a "free" section with all kids of things, some of them you might even use? I'm leaving couches off the list. If you need a free couch, there is an abundance of them on the website. This is a list for things that may seem a little odd, or even unique.

  • Sweet hard Hat

    Who couldn't use a great hard hat? Protect your melon from an array of dangers. Like falling rocks, attacking birds and muggers.

  • Eggland Egg Cartons

    Perfect if you need to store something that is shaped like and egg. Or possibly for arts and crafts... I'm sure something on Pinterest caught your eye.

  • Bunny Rabbit

    Why must all pets be cats or dog? I had a rabbit for several years, and it was a great pet. If you could offing this fuzzy guy a good home, make the call.

  • Rooster

    Think of this as the most hipster alarm clock on the market. It will wake you up every morning at the crack of dawn