The Broncos are going to the big game and you along with all of your friends are super pumped! You're throwing a party at your place in Fort Collins and your bros are known for getting rowdy. How do you avoid having the police show up at your door the night of the big game because you are yelling at the TV? Easy! Register your party! If you live in Fort Collins, you can register your lil shindig and avoid having your friendly neighborhood law enforcement officer show up at your place, and possibly ruining your party with a noise ticket because you're celebrating a touchdown or two.

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How do you register your party? Well, it is pretty simple actually! check out this link that will give you all of the information on what you need to do right HERE! Personally, I think this is a great idea considering

that I tend to be a bit loud when it comes to cheering on my Broncos!


Register your party at