Have you even been hit with an ATM or overdraft fee? It's never fun, but they aren't going anywhere since the top 3 banks made bank on these fees in 2015. According to CNN Money, those $3 ATM fees that you get charged for using a bank that isn't yours really adds up. What adds up even more, is the overdraft fees that banks charge for the privilege of spending too much money. If you have overdraft protection turned on, your bank will "cover you" in the case that you may spend a little more than what is in your account.  With the majority of Americans having less than $1,000 in their account, this is a common event.

Once they "float" you that money, and your account goes into the negative, your bank usually slaps you with a substantial fee, most of the times between $25-$45. Then, if you don't immediately get your account back into the positive, they hit you with another fee. This is the cycle most americans are in, not making enough money to get themselves out of debts like this. This sucks, because research shows, that the charge that most commonly take peoples accounts into the negative is usually less than $24. That means that candy bar you just bought may end up costing you over $50.

With this practice, the top 3 banks, Chase, Wells Fargo and Bank of America, have raked in over $6 Billion in these fees in 2015. Most people need to read their banking paperwork, and if they are not happy with the service, either turn it off, or switch banks.