Rather than throwing away old glass jars that were once full of spaghetti sauce or jelly, it's fun and super easy to upcycle them. Not only does upcycling give new purposes to mason jars, it also gives you the chance to get crafty and create unique items that can be used for home decor and gifts.

There are a ton of different ways to reuse old mason jars – from adding color or decorating with paint, to creating functionality by filling the inside with something, these types of crafts can be done using minimal supplies, and end up being really chic, artsy items that no one would ever suspect was once a piece of trash. Below are a few simple ideas to get you inspired, but you can definitely add your own touches to make the projects original and unique to your style.

Tip: After rinsing it clean of any food remnants, soak the mason jar in a bowl of warm water, or use a goo-remover to get the label and any sticky residue off, so that you have a clean, smooth surface to work with.

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    Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

    A refillable soap or lotion dispenser made from a mason jar is an easy way to give your kitchen or bathroom some rustic charm. The jar that I used already had a green tint to it, but if your's is clear, you could spray paint or dye it. You can reuse the pump part from a previous bottle of soap or find a cheap one that matches your lid. Then, all you do is poke a circular hole through the lid using a small drill, carefully with sharp scissors, or by hammering a nail through to get the hole started. Make sure that you do not make the opening wider than the base of the dispenser spout - if it helps, you can twist the dispenser in to determine how much bigger you need to make it so that it sits flatly on top. Fill the inside with soap or lotion, slide the dispenser through the hole, screw the lid back on and then you are set to pump away!


    Kelsey Nistel/TSM
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    Mason Jar Candle Holders

    When left clear or just lightly tinted, mason jars make beautiful candle holders to decorate indoors, outdoors, or at special events. All you have to do is place a small wax candle inside, or you could even customize the scent and color by making your own homemade candle. These would also make for great gifts to give to friends and family.

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    Mason Jar Planters

    Herbs, succulents, and small flowers can conveniently be planted inside of mason jars and only need a small amount of soil to thrive. Or, you could skip the soil completely, fill with water, and use the jar as a vase for displaying pretty flowers.