When Santa makes his trip this Christmas, it’ll be thank to those trusty reindeer!  Animal Planet has set it up, so that you and your kids can check in on the reindeer between now and then!

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Did you know that reindeer have a great sense of smell that they use to find food buried up to three feet underground? That’s one of the things I learned while checking out what the reindeer are doing!  The Reindeer Cam! This is a neat site, hosted by Animal Planet, where you and the kids can watch the reindeer-- live!  Sometimes it is snowing, sometimes they’re playing around, and sometimes Santa even comes into view!  It looks all festive with the Christmas lights that they put up around the shot, too!

It ranks up there with how NORAD tracks Santa’s trip on Christmas Eve, as one of the ways that technology is making the Christmas season even MORE fun!

What uses of technology are YOU using to help the kids enjoy Christmas? Let us know!