Superstitious or not, everyone wants that kiss at midnight to ring in the new year with. Mollie and I brainstormed some places to make that magic happen in Old Town, whether it's with a special someone... or just anyone.

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This girl doesn't kiss and tell (well, OK, there are a few people I tell), but some of these get my stamp of approval. I'm always looking to expand on my experiences, however, so feel free to add your suggestions in the comments.

We suggest you score that kiss...

  • At the CSU Oval

    There's an old tradition stemmed from when guys tricked their girlfriends into sharing a midnight kiss with them in the CSU Oval, and they could only stop once the traffic signal on Howes turned green. However, at midnight, the stoplight flashes red until dawn so... you'll be there a while - dress warmly!

    Have I fallen for this one? Yeah.

  • In Your Car at the Top of Horsetooth

    I should not be recommending this one, because a ranger will totally bust you and send you on your way. But, if you make that kiss fast, you might just get away with it.

  • On an Old Town Carriage Ride

    I'm not into the mushy stuff, but if you are, this seems romantic enough under the lights of Old Town. Why not?

  • In the Photo Booth at Pour Brothers

    Document the first moments of 2016 by sharing your midnight kiss in the photo booth.

    Not that I've tried this one, either...

  • In the Rec Room

    For those of you looking not for that 'someone,' but just anyone, there is always the Rec Room. And, as Mollie said, if you can't get in, you're sure to find someone in the ridiculously long line out front.