I remember a time when nothing was open on Thanksgiving, except Chinese restaurants.

We'd pass the empty parking lots of our mini strip malls in Plum, PA on our way to Johnstown or Glassport, depending on which set of grandparents we were on our way to see.

There was no 'stop at the store and pick up this or that' because the store wasn't open.

We've done a 180.

Thanksgiving is in danger of becoming one of the holidays where people have to work the hardest.

It's a product of supply and demand. Consumers demand cheap goods and will buy them whenever they are offered. This led Walmart to open at 10pm in 2011 and moved that up to 8pm in 2013.

Some Walmart workers and shoppers were furious, and protests and push back ensued. A few Facebook pages and websites were made that ask people to pledge not to shop on Thanksgiving day, communicating to the owners of these retail concerns in the language they really understand: Sales, or lack thereof.

If we don't shop on Thanksgiving, they won't open on Thanksgiving.