Getting into shape and exercising more frequently is a popular New Year's resolution for many – case and point, the noticeable increase of people at the gym ever since the first of the month. However, just because it's the winter, doesn't mean you can't still find ways to get your fitness fix outdoors. 

It's great to work out at the gym, but the same routines can get very old, very quick. Exercising outside gives you the chance to switch it up, experience a nice change of scenery, and avoid having to wait in line to use equipment at the crowded gym. Plus, because your body will be working harder to stay warm, the amount of endorphins produced also increases, leaving you feeling extra energized and happy.

When it comes to wanting to raise your heart rate in the fresh air, we are lucky to be living in Colorado, where we have so many easily accessible options, especially in the colder months. There are tons of trails and parks around the area that are open year- round and offer a space for all sorts of athletic activities. A winter run or bike ride is actually really refreshing, and is no doubt incredibly more scenic than just staring at a drab wall in front of the treadmill. Parks also make for perfect places to get in your cardio and practice endurance training with fun, cold-weather activities like cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. Those that are seeking a more extreme form of exercise have plenty of opportunities to ski and snowboard up in the mountains. Your body will definitely be feeling it after a day on the slopes, and you'll burn a heck of a lot more calories than you would during an hour on the elliptical.

Whatever activity you choose to do, make sure that you dress for the weather and keep very hydrated. Layers are essential for working out in the winter. Also, don't let the coldness trick you – the body can get just as dehydrated from sweating and breathing in the cold as it does in the heat, it just becomes harder to notice. Along those same lines, you can still get sunburned in the wintertime, especially if you're at a higher elevation, so make sure to dab on some sunscreen before heading out to exercise in the elements.