Now that Winter is over and the warm weather of Spring is here, rattlesnakes in Larimer and Weld County are coming out of hiding from their hibernation. According to the Coloradoan, a Larimer County Parks ranger spotted a rattlesnake near Devil's Backbone Open Space on Wednesday. This is the first known sighting of the season this Spring in the county.

Officials say this is why you now need to be vigilant as you walk trails and paths throughout Northern Colorado. Rattlesnakes that are native to the area are usually found underneath rocks, ledges, and rocky stream croppings. They also have a tendency to hide in prairie dog burrows and like to stretch across trails to gather the warmth from the sun. This makes it even more important to stay on designated trails, especially in these areas around Fort Collins where it is common to see a rattlesnake:

•Horsetooth Mountain Open Space

•Devil's Backbone Open Space

•Cathy Fromme Prairie Natural Area

•Coyote Ridge Natural Area

•Pineridge Natural Area

•Reservoir Ridge Natural Area

•Bobcat Ridge Natural Area

•Greyrock Trail

•Hewlett Gulch

Please be advised that if you come near a rattlesnake, keep your distance and leave it alone. If you notice that the snake is coiled and/or rattling, that means it is being protective of it's territory and you want to definitely give it it's space.

If you get bit by a rattlesnake, please make sure you call 911 immediately and get yourself medical attention at the nearest facility.