A person was killed in central Fort Collins in a stabbing incident on Tuesday. Immediately after, reports on social media of the unsafe nature of the neighborhood began to appear.

Read about the incident here. 

I’m connected to one of the people that posted, so I reached out to get her impression on what happened, and what that neighborhood is like.

The post that she put up that made me want to interview her said this:

Fort Collins Friends,
We are desperately looking to move to a new place as soon as possible. The violence in this neighborhood has gotten to the point where I do not feel safe living here anymore.
If you know of anyone in need of responsible tenants, please let me know.

Jessica Avery, a mom of two little girls, was shaken because of the close proximity in which she lives to the scene of the crime, and spoke of the problems in the neighborhood like “meth and domestic violence” that bring the police to investigate regularly.

In the video interview, she recounts the experience, and talks about the number of times the police have visited their home since they’ve lived there.