Yoga is a great activity if you want to optimize your health.

When I describe my practice to people, I usually quip something like this.

During my first yoga class, I looked over and there was my foot, right by my face. I couldn't remember the last time I had my foot that close to my face. I knew it had to be good for me.

For me, yoga brings together what is possible when we link our breath with our body, mind and spirit. You don't have to lift any weights, you don't have to run, bike or swim for distance. But, if you drop into the right class, you will have a great workout.

And you might end up doing something unexpected, like standing on your hands and clapping with your feet (that's what we did yesterday).

Yoga for a Cause brings all of this together with fundraising for important efforts happening in Northern Colorado.

I've been practicing for a few years now, and cannot overestimate the impact it has had on my life.

The video above is from earlier this year, but touches upon the power of yoga in a great way, so I wanted to share it again!