Each week the Greeley Tribune highlights the craziest calls they get into their dispatch center, and there is some off the wall stuff! Now, imagine if you can hide behind your phone, and text 911 instead of having to call... CRAZIER stuff, guaranteed!! It's now possible in Larimer County. 

Don't get me wrong, I am sure there are times when someone who is a major bind and can't call could use this feature. hearing- and speech-impaired folks will also see great uses for a text based 911 service, but just like the trolls on social media, it's could also be an easy way to hide behind your computer/phone.

The system in Northern Colorado has been tested since mid-July and is now available for the public. Anyone sending a "Text-to-911" is asked to make sure the first message contains the location of the emergency and the type of help needed. Call takers can then reply with questions and instructions. No selfies, either... Photos and video cannot be sent via "Text-to-911."

More details here.