Most of us will only use a public restroom as a last resort. However, the love of my life has a new found love of public restrooms after she ran across this today.

As most of you know I have a long-distance relationship with my best friend, Lesli Wulf, who lives in Omaha Nebraska. Well, today she had to attend the funeral of an Aunt in the Fremont area where she was raised.

On her way home, she had to stop outside Fremont at a Sapp Brothers truck stop to use the restroom which I'm sure she was reluctant to do; she HATES public restrooms and really, who doesn't.

Let me reassure everyone, she has a thing about bathrooms and they must be clean. For her to be excited about a public restroom was the last thing I expected to hear from her and I quote,

Individual roomy fully tilted stalls; each with it's own sink/mirror etc. You know I have a phobia of public restrooms and this was the cleanest bathroom I've possibly ever been in. Plus the heated seat, I didn't want to leave.

Now, I have been to many a truck stop restroom but have never seen heated seats in the stalls. Is this just a Women's restroom thing there? I have to the gals just get the royal treatment or as a guy, have you experienced 'heated toilets?'