Even though Winter has had it's grip on us the past couple weeks with what seems like endless snow, Spring really is here. And that means it's ICE CREAM TIME!

There is nothing better than a waffle cone filled of some of the best creamy goodness that you can find throughout the state of Colorado. It almost makes you want to get in the car and do a road trip solely focused on visiting ice cream shoppes around the state.

But what are some of the best shoppes in Colorado to get a frozen treat? We took a look and found ten that stand out as being a destination you'll want to stop at.

The best part is there are a couple on this list right in our very own backyard, so you won't have far to drive to check them out.

Let us know what your favorite ice cream shop is below so we can get everyone some notoriety throughout the state!


1.) Walrus Ice Cream

2.) Glacier Homemade Ice Cream

3.) Little Man Ice Cream

4.) Kilwins

5.) Cozy Cow Dairy

6.) Magills World of Ice Cream

7.) Zibbys Ice Cream

8.) Scrumptious

9.) Rock House Ice Cream

10.) Third Bowl Homemade Ice Cream