Summer in Northern Colorado is all about having fun in the sun and spending time outdoors, doing activities that you just couldn't do while cooped up inside all winter long. In order to help keep you cool and make life easier during the summertime this year, check out these ten genius hacks below.

  • 1

    Prevent an Ice Cream Cone from Leaking

    If you aren't quick to lick your way through a freshly scooped ice cream cone, you will soon find its melty remnants dripping out of the bottom and onto your legs. Prevent this messy situation from happening by placing a marshmallow (or a few mini ones) at the bottom of your cone, prior to putting in the ice cream.

  • 2

    Cool Your Adult Drinks...Quickly

    If you're planning on throwing a summertime bash, but your bottles and cans of adult beverages just aren't as cold as you'd like them to be, try wrapping wet paper towels around them and sticking them in the freezer. They'll be chilled before you know it, and you'll be able to quench your guests' thirst ASAP!

  • 3

    Put an End to Popsicle Drippage

    Popsicles are one of the best treats to devour during the hot summer months, however nobody enjoys getting sticky drippage all over their fingers. Prevent this from occurring by poking a hole through a cupcake liner and putting it right-side up on the stick where the popsicle ends. All of the droplets will collect right in the liner, and your fingers will remain clean.

  • 4

    Invest in Some Lemons

    Lemons can serve multiple purposes in the summertime. For one, you can rub on lemon juice to remove icky sweat stains from clothing before putting them into the wash. Another way they can be used, is by squeezing some juice on top of your skin, in order to stop the itchiness of a pesky mosquito bite. You could also use your lemons to make some refreshing lemonade. Or ladies, try spritzing some juice in your hair before laying out, to achieve the look of natural highlights.

  • 5

    Make Suped Up S'mores

    Instead of making the traditional s'mores at your next bonfire this summer, try going for a more suped up recipe, such as adding a layer of cookie dough, peanut butter or ice cream underneath the piece of chocolate. Want to cook a bunch of s'mores at once? Stick all of the 'mallows on the end of a new or clean rake and toast away!

  • 6

    Soothe a Sunburn

    When you're spending time outside during the hottest months of the year, sunburns can creep up on you quicker than you can say "sunscreen." To relieve redness and pain caused from gnarly sunburns, try squeezing some aloe vera into an ice tray, and once the cubes are completely frozen, rub them onto your skin for an effect that's extremely cooling.

  • 7

    Protect Your Phone with Plastic

    When you're out participating in activities during the summer, its easy to forget about keeping an eye on your cellphone. This can be a huge problem if it happens to get left sitting directly under the scorching hot sun or next to a pool/water source. To protect your phone from water and heat damage (although you should still try to keep it in the shade as much as possible), simply stick it inside of a Ziploc bag – the phone will stay safe, and you can still even text through the plastic.

  • 8

    Brew Up Some Cold Coffee

    You'll be using ice trays again for this next hack, which is trading in your usual cup of hot coffee for one that's a bit cooler and more suitable for summer. After brewing a pot of coffee, pour it into an empty ice tray and let the cubes freeze. Then, make entire cups by letting the cubes melt, or toss them into pre-made coffee and it will remain flavorful, without getting watered down.

  • 9

    Bike Ride...Barefoot

    One of the best parts about summer, is being able to go barefoot in the backyard and feeling the cool grass in between your toes. Some outdoor activities however, usually require having to put on and lace up your shoes, but not with the help of this summertime hack. Keep the shoes off  this year, and instead attach kitchen sponges to the pedals of your bicycle so that you are able to ride around barefoot.

  • 10

    DIY Slip 'n' Slide

    You don't have to drive all the way to Water World to have fun splashing in the water this season. Instead, simply make your own slip 'n' slide, invite some friends over, and you're ready for a day of fun in the sun. To make a slip 'n' slide, you'll use either a basic tarp (or several, depending on how much space you have) or heavy duty plastic liner. Spread it out in your yard, keep the hose running on top of the tarp, and squirt cheap dish detergent or shampoo over the surface for maximum slippery-ness.

    Credit: YouTube