The past two nights I have had a dilemma when I have turned on the TV. There are three shows that happen to suck me in and I watch numerous episodes when there is a marathon on. Monday and Tuesday night I found myself flipping through three different stations to watch three different shows all at the same time. Now, you might think I am a bit odd for these three shows that I was watching, pretty much all at the same time. They were "That 70's Show" on IFC, "How It's Made" on Science Channel and "American Pickers" on History Channel.

IFC runs marathon showings of That 70's Show on Mondays and Tuesdays and is one of those timeless shows from when I was a teenager/young adult that I could relate to. That group of people is the same group of people that I hung out with... Minus Jackie hooking up with everyone.

American Pickers on History Channel has random runnings of marathons of this show. It fascinates me that some of these people have so much stuff and some of them refuse to get rid of the junk. "I haven't seen that thing in years" yet, it is buried under 5 feet of trash and then they say "that means so much to me". Really? It does? Because when I own something that means a lot to me, I usually take care of it and not throw it in my attic to collect dust. This show is pretty fun to watch because I feel that I am getting some education on how things were used, what time period some things started to become normal and if I find something like that, would it be worth picking it up for myself.

How It's Made on Science Channel. This show is the devil!!! My fascination started with this show years ago when I turned on the TV in the purpose of finding something boring to watch so I could fall asleep. The commentators voice is soothing and almost hypnotic and the process on building most things is repetitive. But I cannot help the fact that I get sucked in and want to know how a bottle is made... and after the commercial break they'll make a banjo? Totally sticking around for that. But after they make the banjo, I'm going to bed... 2 hours later, I'm still watching.

What shows do you put on that as soon as you see that they are running a marathon, you are stuck on that show for the rest of the night?