It’ll be a three-day holiday weekend! The 4th of July celebration of America’s independence! I thought, ‘Why not get down to 4th Street for the 4th!” Here are 4 suggestions on how to say ‘America!’

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Monday will be the 4th of July. That means you have three nights and two days before Monday, to get to Downtown Loveland and celebrate the 4th of July on 4th Street! Sure, it’s silly sounding, but it also sounds awesome, right?

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    An All-American Date!

    Friday night (July 1): A nice All-American Date: Dinner and a movie!  Hit up Door 222 for a couple of drinks and great food, then check out an American classic 'Love Story’ playing at the Rialto at 7:30! 

    Dave Jensen, TSM
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    Mustard for Monday!

    Saturday (July 2): Get the condiments and spices that you’ll need for your 4th of July barbecue! The renovated Arcadia hotel building on 4th and Cleveland has The Condiment Queen!  Mustard, rubs, spices, etc.. Your barbecue on Monday goes from ‘OK’ to All-American Awesome! Technically, the Queen is on 3rd, but I think you’ll give me some leeway here.

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    Saturday (July 2) Part 2: Gumbo after shopping for mustard and bbq spices. It’s Saturday. You’ll be working hard on Monday, for sure. You're downtown. Why not relax with family and/or friends at Mo’ Betta Gumbo?  Have you had one of their Moonshine drinks, yet? ‘Moonshine!’ It screams ‘America!’ You’ll love it!

    sf_foodphoto, ThinkStock
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    Sports Station American Grill

    Sunday (July 3) Spend the afternoon at Sports Station American Grill. “American Grill’. Enough said! Come in for brunch! Then, hit up the patio for a while. Then come back inside and see if they’ll put ‘Caddyshack’ on the TV.  It’s on the Golf Chanel at 2:00 p.m.; another American classic, starring an American Treasure, Mr. Bill Murray.