The snow has arrived and the storm has turned into a much bigger storm than we anticipated just a couple days ago. But that means...time to watch movies!

Since most of Northern Colorado is stuck at home and not wanting to venture outside, we figure it's the perfect day to give you the five movies that are a must watch on days like this.

Maybe you want to watch a movie that has to do with the snow...

Or maybe you need a little comedy after you just shoveled for the 10th time today...

Well here are our choices on what you can watch to make the day pass while sipping on some hot chocolate with cookies baking in the oven.


  • 1

    Jack Frost

    Who can forget this perfect family movie that starred Michael Keaton has a dad who gets into a car accident while traveling through the mountains, and comes back alive as a snowman.

    While the whole plotline may seem, "different", it is still a movie that the entire family can watch and you may just shed a tear at the end.

  • 2

    Snow Day

    This movie starred Chevy Chase as a meteorologist who was the only person in town who predicted a snowstorm to hit upstate New York, and follows his kids adventures as they enjoy a highly anticipated snow day.

    It's the movie that made me look at snow plow men a completely different way, but also made parents realize that sometimes you have to put down the work and enjoy time with your kids.

  • 3

    Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

    While I find myself watching this around Christmas time for the most part, this is definitely a movie you can watch while snuggled under a blanket in front of your HDTV. Starring John Candy and Steve Martin, it follows an unlikely pair as they travel across the country to make it home to their families.

    Hilarity ensues, and you may need that for the way the weather is today.

  • 4

    Home Alone

    You know the premise of the movie...

    And you may have seen it hundreds of times...

    But it NEVER gets old.

  • 5



    This is a classic from the 80's and puts Michael Keaton on our list twice. While this movie may be for older kids (10+), it is still a great movie to watch as you are trapped in the house!