I know it's only April, but do you know the kids will be out of school in a little more than a month? Time to start planning what you'll do with them this Summer!

If you're like me, you love to head to amusements with your kids anytime you have the chance. But it's sometimes tough to find cost effective locations to head to that will take up most of the kids time so they can fall asleep on the trek back to Northern Colorado.

After doing some research and finding some of the best amusements around the state, here are some locations that we think would be a big success for the entire family.

While some of them you may want to do an overnight stay at, some are within driving distance so you are ready to get home and rest in your own bed.

What other locations would you add to this list?



1.) Topgolf - Centennial

2.) North Pole Colorado - Cascade

3.) Tiny Town Railroad - Morrison

4.) Heritage Amusement Park - Golden

5.) Ride-A-Kart - Estes Park