One of the biggest news stories of 2016 is the government trying to hack into iPhones. Which made me think: What if I could hack into a restaurant recipe?

Have you missed the story of the FBI hacking into the iPhone of the San Bernardino terrorists? If you've lived under a rock, here's a refresher video for you:

When it comes to someone's iPhone, we protect everything in there as our property and don't want anyone else to see it.

It's almost the same for restaurants and the "secret recipes" that they put forward on a daily basis.

Think about it...

Has Kentucky Fried Chicken (I still call them that) ever REALLY leaked the recipe of the breading on their chicken?

Will we ever really know what comprises the chili at Wendys? Ok...well...maybe we really don't want to know that one.

Well I went around the office and found the five restaurant items from local Fort Collins establishments that all of us wish we could have the recipe to. But all of us guess that the business will probably never release the good stuff.

So here they are, and don't forget to tell us below which restaurant recipe you could get your hands on and be able to make at home!