We know change is inevitable, especially with the growth we have had in Northern Colorado the last few years. But there are some things we hope never change.

As I took a drive throughout Northern Colorado this weekend, I saw a lot of differences from when I first moved to the area to now. Some of the changes are minor, while some of the changes are major construction projects now blocking the views of the mountains.

So look around you when you are driving through Northern Colorado, and have your eyes open to the beautiful things that surround you.

And ask yourself this question...

Does the town you live in need to continue to change, or do you want it to stay the same as it looks right now?

Every town in Northern Colorado has many positives to them, and it's definitely all right to hope that never changes and that you are able to experience what you have right now 20 years down the road.

So which towns do we hope don't change and still have the same qualities that they do now? Take a look at this list and let us know your thoughts. And then let us know below which town you hope never changes!