So I just completed my first vacation of 2016, and it was one of the best family vacations I have ever been on. But it also reminded me how great we have it in Northern Colorado.

This vacation was one for the memory books, as we took a 5 day road trip which took us on the following daily routes:

  • Fort Collins to Gunnison
  • Gunnison to Santa Fe, New Mexico (stayed here for two days)
  • Sante Fe, New Mexico to Manitou Springs/Colorado Springs
  • Manitou Springs to Fort Collins

Taking that long of a road trip, you are able to take in the scenery of the entire state and see the beauty that is untapped and only a short drive away.

What else comes with taking a road trip for that long is gaining more of an appreciation for the area that you live in, that you call home on a daily basis.

I've always loved Northern Colorado, but this latest family road trip has made me realize even more that we live in the best region of the state...and probably the country.

Need a deeper appreciation of the area that surrounds us? Get in a car and go for a ride. I think your appreciation for what surrounds us on a daily basis will grow even stronger.

What makes it so much better than areas like Gunnison, Alamosa, Trinidad, Northern New Mexico, and other areas? Here are five things that stand out to me of why Northern Colorado is #1. What do you think?