The Colorado "stormzilla" is now upon us, and many people across Northern Colorado have made their indoor plans. Does that involve an adult beverage?

Yes. I know what I just said. An ADULT BEVERAGE. You may need it come Monday after you have been stuck in the house all weekend and have had to entertain the kids continuously.

But maybe you don't want the normal standby of an ice cold beer, or a moscow mule. Those are great anytime of the year. However, when you are housebound for two days, you may want something a little different.

Here are five ideas that are different, but also "pack the punch" you may need to get through the weekend. Big thanks to the website The Kitchn for giving us these concoctions for a stormy Colorado weekend.

Don't forget to give us your ideas below as well!


1.) The Kneecap Night Cap

2.) Dark and Stormy Cocktail

3.) The Midwinter Warmer

4.) The Blinker Cocktail

5.) Pomegranate Gin Fizz