On a Thursday afternoon, you'll probably think about hitting up the standard breweries in town: Snowbank, O'Dells, even Zwei.  However, for the traditional beer lover in your life, there's a new sheriff in town-- and it's right behind Illegal Pete's. 

Madi Scruggs, TSM

Prost Brewing has been around for a while if you count their brewery in Denver, but their place in Fort Collins has been open for under a week.  We stopped by for a business meeting but fell in love with their beer while we were there-- and learned a few things, too.

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    They allow dogs.

    I mean, how smart is that?  Prost lets you bring in your four-legged furry friend while you're enjoying a cold one, and even has buckets of water and treats so that you're not the only one filling your stomach while you're there.

    vlakyr, Thinkstock
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    They have a crazy-cool canning machine.

    Call me inexperienced, but I've never been to a bar that had its own 5-second canning machine behind the bar.  I asked for a beer to take home to my dad for his birthday this weekend, and in the video below you'll see that it only takes Alex, the manager, a few seconds to package up the darkest beer they've got on tap for my pop.

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    You can bring your own food in.

    Since Prost doesn't have a bona-fide kitchen, they'll let you take in whatever outside food you like to enjoy while you have a drink.  Grab a burrito at Illegal Pete's and head in for their Hefeweisen as a chaser.

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    The manager comes from a family of innovators.

    Alex, the manager, showed us a machine behind the bar that was specially designed to make growlers of beer have a longer shelf life.  Even cooler? His father invented it, and while it's not quite ready for mass growler consumption, he's eager to get it started.

    Alex also handcrafted all of the wooden tables in the place, so we know that this is a family of creators.

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    They're beside one of the most haunted places in town.

    The Armadillo was just demolished on April 20th, and Prost is literally right beside the site-- so close, they even kept one of the bricks as a keepsake. Little do they know, the Armadillo was one of the most haunted buildings in Fort Collins, so here's hoping one of those ghosts doesn't find their way into Prost instead.