Ladies and gentlemen...I would like to introduce you to our new Broncos Quarterback, Mark Sanchez. I know. You are so excited you can't hold it back.

When I first heard the news that the Broncos traded for Sanchez, the first thought that went through my head was, "WHY".

I then thought that maybe they traded for him to use as a trade chip to get Colin Kaepernick to play in Denver. But the 49er's wouldn't be that crazy, would they?

So my former excitement turned back into bewilderment, and wondering how a team that won the championship can lose so many players in a little amount of time and to only have the former USC QB to show for it.

I'm from the east coast and have seen Sanchez play multiple times. He has shown signs of being a good quarterback, but then reverts back to the man we all know and love. And there's a reason he is known around the country as BUTT FUMBLE.

Are you excited about Sanchez possibly being the face of the franchise for the 2016 season? If you are, my guess is that you are one of the few.

And there are many things I can think of that will get me more excited than him as our signal caller heading into training camp.

What are they? Well here you no particular order. Because any other time these wouldn't excite me at all.